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Default Not feling well

Have not ben feeling well-so it's a great time to lay on the couch and watch movies, and shows...We have a DVR so I can tape shows also and Comcast has a pay per view $4.99 that seems like a fair price-
Anyway, I have watched 4 episodes of HOUSE as well as CSI-Vegas, so now I am caught up.


The Happening-unimpressed scary but silly too, at least you can look at "Marky-Mark haha"

An American Haunting- Very good older movie Sissy Spacek, Donald Sutherland
scary, edge of your seat movies I love those, not tat slashers

88- Al Pacino- Excellent edge of your seat movie, Highly recommend

Rightous Kill- Pacino and DiNiro, again excellent edge of your seat-

Glasss House- older film , Lealee Sobinski (SP) spooky atmosphere, drama, it was good.

I got lucky on my choices

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