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Originally Posted by elle View Post
this is pretty brilliant! and she actually did dare to make up some similar crap in one of those recent interviews - how she's oh so heartbroken about Lindsey not being in the band anymore like she absolutely had nothing to do with pushing him out.
This is what Stevie Nicks does. She pushes the light onto herself. She takes zero or near zero responsibility for her own vile actions. She pushes the blame onto others or even worse - the victim. And it's all ok because she makes more money than the rest of them. Pretty soon Lindsey told them he was leaving at Musicares and that's why she was so upset. Because remember people, in the end, they were "like" husband and wife" - - - 45 years ago!!!
I would tell Christine Perfect, "You're Christine f***ing McVie, and don't you forget it!"

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