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Default Favourite creepy songs from the early days

During these last months I've been listening quite often to the albums from the pre Buckingham-Nicks era.

Obviously I could only make a Fleetwood Mac playlist for Halloween and, since many of the songs that I actually find ominous aren't the most obvious choices, I was curious about hearing which songs other people find most unnerving.

So I've thought to make a thread to list our favourite eerie songs from the early era and, if you want, explain why and /or highlight the lyrics that you find most chilling.

My picks are:

6. You're so Evil

Most unsettling lyric:

I'm gonna get my .44
Get my .44
'n shoot, if it holds in you
Yes I'll put you six feet under
And woman I shed no tears

5. Dust

Most unsettling lyric:

When your swift hair is quiet in death
And through the lips corruption
Thrust to still the labor of my breath

4. The Ghost

Most unsettling lyric:

Blue hills, are lookin' good to me
I go there, when I'm fast asleep
Ghost town, and the desert wind
Strange sounds, at the worlds end

3. Hypnotized

Most unsettling lyric:

Because there's no explaining what your imagination
Can make you see and feel

2. Bermuda Triangle

Most unsettling lyric:

You see strange shapes in moonlight
And shadows in the night
They said that wingtip seemed to brush their faces
And strangers stole their sight

1. The Green Manalishi

Most unsettling lyric:

Don't you come creepin' around
Makin' me do things I don't wanna do
Come sneakin' around tryin' to drive me mad
Bustin' in on my dreams
Makin' me see things I don't wanna see

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