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Default In the Meantime- Reflection? Track by track?

Just now getting into the In the Meantime album, having only briefly scanned over it a few years back and picking out Friend as the only standout track and dismissing the rest as redundant easy listening. Listening to it again there's certainly more than that- Calumny, Northern Star, etc. Not sure how I feel about the funkier tunes like Anything is Possible, gonna have to give it another try.

What I do like is that while most of the tracks are not particularly memorable musically (though Christine sounds amazing on ALL of them) they do all gel together really well. I also like the overall story of the album: it starts off alone and yearning, a relationship develops, it ends badly and causes a mix of angsty feelings, and finally concludes with acceptance. It's a neat concept and would have been a great idea for a FM album with all three singers narrating their own journey.

What do you guys think of In the Meantime, especially after all of these years? I'd be interested in what impressions people have of the songs on an individual basis.
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