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Seems things are getting a little tense!

Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post
I just watched it last night. He called them tenses. Go rewatch
I rewatched, and he seems to mention both explicitly, albeit in the vaguest of terms anyway.

Lindsey: "..the tense and the person..."

He seems to be speaking in a deliberately vague/trepidatious/deferential manner in order to get his point across with as little ego damage as possible; no luck though, because Stevie is glaring at him before he's even made his point (if the editing of the documentary makers is to be believed).

What always frustrated me about this "scene" is that Lindsey clearly does not enjoy giving her 'notes' (who would?), so for him to make a point of this I believe means that he really liked Thrown Down and felt the potential for it to be a hit or a well-regarded song that he could contribute to fine-tuning. We don't know whether he gave much or any advice about the lyrics in, say, Silver Girl, but my assumption is that he probably recognized that one as lacking hit potential and saved his battles. My point being: I wish Stevie had registered this compliment, rather than seeming so defensive about it. But I think Lindsey's approach was lacking, too; I think what he should have bothered to do was rework the lyrics to his liking, record it himself, and then let her hear that at least. If she's such a poet, she is more likely to be swayed by hearing an actual musical performance than listening to a vague and abstract grammar lecture.

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