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Originally Posted by Sugar Mouse View Post
He and you aren't different tenses. He is third person and you is second person. They can both be used in a song if the songwriter is describing different people or viewing the same individual from different vantage points which is acceptable writing technique in some situations. I can see Lindsey's point but I side with Stevie on this one.
I don't think it's a big deal, but I've seen this referenced a lot on this board, as if somehow it mirrors their relationship or has some significant meaning. Lindsey pointed out something about the song to Stevie, she declined his suggestion, and that was it. I don't think most producers focus on lyrics, they usually just record the song, but I have no problem with Lindsey pointing out the seeming error... just like I have no problem with Stevie keeping the song as it was. Thrown Down is my favorite song on Say You Will. I was there for opening night of this tour and I was pleasantly surprised at how many songs they did perform from SYW, but also disappointed they didn't perform Thrown Down. IIRC, FM cut a few of the new songs early on, but I feel like they sang 7 or 8 initially.
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