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Originally Posted by WatchChain View Post
That's a interesting thought. Was there a 1991 RE-recording? I know that Mick NOT allowing "Silver Springs" to be placed on "Timespace" was a source of great conflict between he and Stevie. My assumption was always that Stevie wanted to use the original version that belonged to Warners for "Timespace". I've never thought about it this way. Was there an intention to re-record "Silver Springs" with new session musicians (Waddy Wachtel) for the "Best Of Stevie" album?
The "Silver Springs" conflict was the reason Stevie quite the band...If the Silver Springs recording belonged to WB how is it that Mick was able to keep Stevie from using it...Yes Stevie (actually her mother) owned the copyrights for Silver Springs and WB had the recording rights but what does Mick have?

Is there a Timespace recording of Silver Springs? I've never heard about it...
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