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Originally Posted by SisterNightroad View Post
Of course, but why keeping a house this big when he can easily access only half of its rooms (hypotetically speaking)? You also have to think people his age usually get stubborn about having to admit they can't do many of the things they've always done like climbing the stairs. Surely all the other circumstances like the imminent tour, wanting to be closer to family are true, but we don't have to forget that the band members must face the same problems of all the other humans of their age. If I were his daughter I would want my father to live closer to me and in a place where he can do the fewest bull**** possible.
My guess is it wouldn't make much difference. They probably only use half the rooms (or less) as it is. After all, there's only the two of them. Beautiful house, but most of it is just for show.

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