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Originally Posted by HejiraNYC View Post
I don't discount his account outright since we haven't heard FM's side of the story. However, based on what I have read, a lot of things just don't compute, i.e., this notion that the band ditched Lindsey for absolutely no reason at all. There has to be a reason.
That's the core thrust of the Complaint--there were and always had been various disagreements and the like, but when it comes to something as monumental and final as ejection from the partnership it becomes a question of proportionality, and the point that the Complaint and those supporting Lindsey in this matter are making is that (i) there was no conduct on Lindsey's side that could have warranted a reaction of this proportion, and (ii) if there was, it is highly unlikely that he would have filed this Complaint were he "guilty" and aware of such conduct.
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