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Originally Posted by elle View Post
i'm not really sure where you are getting that. Lindsey didn't write and titled this article, some journalist did.

Right, because some journalist abducted Lindsey and forced him at knifepoint to tell all of the lurid, evil workings of the band that made him famous. Of course he had an agenda and the timing of his new greatest "hits" compilation, tour, lawsuit and interview seems more than a bit suspect to me. Since the world is not exactly waiting on his latest solo project, he probably figured, well, scandalous attention is better than no attention at all. Indeed, what were his true motivations?

if you read Rolling Stone interview with Lindsey, you would notice that both he and Kristen are very mindful to give a balanced picture, she even volunteering without any prompting how he was definitely way more "prickly" when they were first together in the 90s.
HA! In other words St. Kristen came into Lindsey's life and finally tamed the shrew. She probably has almost as big of an ego as Lindsey. The thing about Lindsey, and arguably one of his greatest strengths, is his ability to keep his s*** together in front of an audience (or in this case, a reporter). You can see all of the cogs and gears spinning around in his head very carefully and with precision - like a Rolex watch. Every word that leaves his mouth is stated with intention, every movement calculated, every gesture rehearsed. You can see that he does the same choreography in concert every night like a robot - every speech committed to memory, every leap, every stoop, every feigned expression of humility, every yelp. It is as creepy as it is awe-inspiring, to be quite honest. So of course he is going to articulate this well-rehearsed story for the media that paints him as the victim and Fleetwood Mac, particularly Mick and Stevie, as savagely brutal.

I don't discount his account outright since we haven't heard FM's side of the story. However, based on what I have read, a lot of things just don't compute, i.e., this notion that the band ditched Lindsey for absolutely no reason at all. There has to be a reason.
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