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Originally Posted by AncientQueen View Post
I feel that this is too much. After the long (and classy) time when Lindsey said nothing, he now paints the picture of himself being a saint, treacherously fired from the band, and how he desperately tried to stay in. His lawyers are advising him to play the innocent victim, but they are laying it on really thickly. And this is Lindsey - he has never ever been a saint. I still feel that FM was in the wrong to fire him - especially HOW they did it, but his new strategy is ridiculous for everyone who followed the band for longer.
i'm not really sure where you are getting that. Lindsey didn't write and titled this article, some journalist did.

if you read Rolling Stone interview with Lindsey, you would notice that both he and Kristen are very mindful to give a balanced picture, she even volunteering without any prompting how he was definitely way more "prickly" when they were first together in the 90s. and he is careful to say that he and everyone else in FM definitely always had a lot of issues, and that it just was what it was and they all lived with each other's problems.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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