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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
I've always found it bizarre bands like Blondie are less of a draw than Fleetwood Mac. Blondie had arguably more hits than Fleetwood Mac and yet these days they play to significantly smaller crowds.

Btw, Maria was a monumentally massive hit here in the UK. In fact, I'd say it was one of their biggest in the UK which is amazing coming so long after they were first big.
Blondie had a pretty good crowd when I saw them but nothing compared to the Mac. Some groups have a spiritual connection with fans and they can sell out venues without new music for decades. Here in the states The Steve Miller Band is a 70's hits machine...anywhere at anytime they can fill an arena still today.
Pat Benatar sold way more albums than Stevie in the 80s. During the mid-90's Benatar once played a club in my hometown. She still plays very small theaters while Stevie can still fill arenas. Some bands have very loyal fan base and Stevie is a big draw for the Mac.

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