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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Gale Hansen is doing more than not claiming the marriage. His bio is unusual for IMDB in that he emphasizes that his current wife has been his ONLY wife since 1986. I think he is saying that claims to the contrary are a big fat lie and I believe him. Marriage, birth and death certificates are a matter of public record and the information is all online these days. Just as name changes and divorces filings are. If the entry in his bio was false that could be easily established by the same people who made him want to clarify the fact that he wasn't married before in the first place.

Now, you'd have to know what state a person was married in to find a marriage record. Maybe he and Brittney or Kristen weren't married in California. Maybe they were married in Tijuana or Alabama, in which case no one would ever think to check for a license there, but there's also no record of divorce. In California.

At any rate, I believe the correction he has emphasized in his bio.

Gale Hansen himself has emphasized nothing. IMDB is user-edited, like Wikipedia; the difference is that you have to be a member to edit, but it is easy to sign up. I am a member and I have edited entries. According to the site, that bio was written by someone named Kelley Ward. I did a quick internet search and found nothing that indicates she has any kind of professional relationship with him.

Indeed, the lack of a headshot on the profile, which can only be uploaded if one has a paying account with IMDB rather than a free one, indicates that neither Hansen nor his management has been involved in editing his IMDB page. Just FYI.
- Nancy

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