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Originally Posted by dreamsunwind View Post
Oh wow I never really noticed that about her nose but you may be right!
I do think she's gotten very subtle things done on her face, like fillers for under eyes but it's probably minimal. She's always looked pretty young imo. She looked like a teenager when she was in her late 20s. And her makeup is well done and she wears extensions.
if you look at her pics and vids from late 90s, she looked older than she does now. whether it's a subtle surgery or all other ways available to rich and famous these days, i have no clue, but there are tons of wrinkle fillers and filling procedures out there and she definitely uses these extensively. since Chris came back to FM / active touring and recording, she's been using something / somebody too, and it's all pretty tasteful too, so maybe she's using Stevie's people?

Originally Posted by dreamsunwind View Post
I think he started aging more after like 2010 and his hairline was receding so for reasons I'll never understand he shaved it even moreso to make some weird bowl looking thing and I agree it looked ridiculous. Like someone else pointed out you can actually see where he shaved it. Then afterwards I think he let it grow back out and got plugs or something so it looks better/more normal now.
Imo he looks his age in pictures but I've read from a lot of people who met him/saw him close up that he looks much younger in person.
Lindsey definitely has some kind of hair work done. not only in the front / top of his head, but also his bald spot in the back has gotten smaller since the low point in 2011. whatever he has done looks great. as far as any wrinkle filling or surgery, not sure about him. he has tons of wrinkles but then again, i think there was a time when his jowls were much more prominent than now, so he may have something subtle done, but he definitely looks his age.

as far as looking younger in person, with Lindsey it's his whole demeanor and the way he talks and moves and reacts. he has energy and reactions of a much younger person, and when you are talking to him, that makes him appear much younger than his actual age. but close up, he definitely has all the wrinkles of his age, including tons of those cute wrinkles when he smiles.

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