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Hi Will... I can definitely understand where you're coming from.
And trust me, I know how you feel. Before I found the internet, I was the one and only person I knew who was a huge Fleetwood Mac fan.
So I was almost entirely clueless that any of this stuff existed.

It wasn't until 1990, that I even knew anything about unreleased demos circulating, and I only found that out because I happened to respond to an ad I saw in the back of Rolling Stone.
The guy said he was selling rare Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks songs, and for a self-addressed stamped envelope, he'd send out the list of what he had in his collection.
I was expecting to see soundtrack and b-side stuff like "Sleeping Angel," and "Cool Water," but I was still curious to see if he had anything i didn't, so I responded.

When I received his list, I was FLOORED when I read titles for songs I had never even heard of... "She Loves Him Still," "The Dealer," and on and on. In fact, I was actually really skeptical that this stuff was even on the up & up, so I didn't bother ordering anything!

When Marty created The Ledge in 1997, and I had the opportunity to actually converse with other fans, I felt really out of the loop to find that there were dozens and dozens of songs I had never heard, or even heard of.

Trust me, if we left it up to hearing about these things thru the band, we'd all still be in the dark... so i'm extremely grateful for the huge internet fan community, and all the generous people who help us all expand our collections on a continual basis.

Will, the 'Behind The Mask' alternate takes, etc., are sometimes posted to download on one site or another... so keep your eyes peeled.
And if I notice anyone posting them, I'll definitely let you know here. I think you'd enjoy them.
"Although the arrogance of fame lingers like a thick cloud around the famous, the sun always seems to shine for Stevie." -- Richard Dashut, 2014
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