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Originally Posted by Steviegirl View Post
The thing that is so hard to comprehend is the sold-out crowds.
Agreed.... This is unfortunately the state of the digital world we live in now... most shows for any known act "sell out" immediately from bots who buy up all the tickets then try to re-sell them for profit on various outlets. The result is (even more) expensive tickets for those who actually want to see the show, and then half-empty arenas when you get to that "sold out" show because most don't re-sell. It's a sham and a shame on many levels. Even if the artist(s) make the money from those initially sold bot tickets, it has to be deflating to see half-empty venues night after night while you're on the stage. It's a chronic problem (and very frustrating when trying to purchase tickets, like I was for the Black Keys a few weeks back).

But yes, it's hard to believe these FM shows have "sold out," I completely agree.
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