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I had a quick look at the Mojo obit. There were some brief comments that may have been recent from Christine and Jeremy. Spencer was quoted as saying that he last saw Danny in 2002. That's sad to hear- sometimes I optimistically imagined Peter, Jeremy and Danny having had some ongoing friendship but I suppose life in general and Fleetwod Mac in particular doesn't work like that.

Christine praised Tell me all the things you do, Woman of 1000 years and one other (memory fails- Sands of Time or Sometimes), I think).

EDIT: Wikipedia helpfully provides some of the quotes:

The September 2018 edition of the British music magazine 'Mojo', in a two-page tribute to Kirwan's life and music ("A Loner and a One-Off: Danny Kirwan 1950-2018"), said Jeremy Spencer had met Kirwan in London in 2002 with his ex-wife Clare and their son Dominic. Kirwan was living at the time in a care home in south London, "where he was well looked after and visited by family and friends until the end".

Mojo quoted Christine McVie as saying: "Danny Kirwan was the white English blues guy. Nobody else could play like him. He was a one-off.... Danny and Peter (Green) gelled so well together. Danny had a very precise, piercing vibrato - a unique sound.... He was a perfectionist.... Listen to 'Woman of 1000 Years', 'Sands of Time', 'Tell Me All the Things You Do' - they're killer songs. He was a fantastic musician and a fantastic writer." She also commented: "Danny was a troubled man and a difficult person to get to know. He was a loner." Jeremy Spencer said "Danny brought inventiveness and melody to the band.... I was timid about stepping out with new ideas, but Danny was brimming with them."
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