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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Agreed, although I’d add Mr. Wonderful, because Green/Fleetwood/McVie/Perfect, would have been my favorite lineup ever.

In my mind, although Christine was just a guest on Mr Wonderful, her piano playing on Peter's tracks makes her feel integral to the band at that point. Play Lazy Poker Blues or Stop Messin' Around and then Don't Stop to feel the roots of the earlier band shaking in the Rumours version.

Wait till you hear Love that burns, Golddustboy71, and weep...

It's a shame that Jeremy's contributions on that album lower the overall standard.

A Chris/Peter/Mick/John full-time Mac would have been great. We almost got it (briefly) together with Danny in that post-Jeremy pre-Bob Welch tour, but there's scarcely much of an audio record of that, and no pictures at all that I've been able to find...

And how about a Peter/Chris/Lindsey/John/Mick Mac? The one we fleetingly glimpsed in more detail on the alternative Brown Eyes?
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