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Hi Golddustboy71.

I don't want to sound facetious but I would start at the very beginning, with
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and do it chronologically. I think they're all pretty much on Spotify.

OK,you might not care for the blues that much but, you'll get a great feel that way for the artistic development of the band; the personnel changes that make it feel like a musical version of La Ronde. Look out for the little almost genetic tweaks that move the changes on, for example Christine's presence on Kiln House and her growing confidence as albums passed by. The quantum shift from Mr Wonderful to Then Play On The lost gems that appear on just about every album make you think this was Fleetwood Mac? The occasional lapses in taste that will make you wonder what you're doing. The gaping hole left by Peter Green. The harmonising of Bob Welch and Christine, the brilliant guitar work of Bob Weston. Listen to She's Changing Me from Heroes and then Say you love me and you'll see how the Mac's 1975 sound was a natural progression. Mash up Black Magic Woman, Rhiannon, Green Manalishi and Sisters of the Moon in your head. Danny Kirwan, Danny Kirwan, Danny Kirwan.

Don't forget the Greatest Hits album of 1972 as you don't want to miss the non-album singles.

Stevie, when she joined the band, went out and listened to all the albums. If she did, so should everyone else.
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