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Post Chris and Dennis Wilson, yet again.

It's very likely that the following is nothing new for many and has been posted before but while searching for the information on the unreleased Dennis Wilson solo album Bamboo I found this lengthy biography that includes some Mac snippets. From

After 1978, the only material that I'm aware Dennis worked on was his collaborations with Christine McVie in 1979 or 1980. Some tracks actually were cut in Hawaii at one point, but those tapes are not in the Beach Boys' tape vault, so the information on them is very sketchy.

I should clarify that when I referenced the Christine McVie sessions as "the only material ... Dennis worked on" after 1978, I was referring to material that would be considered "Dennis Wilson recordings" in some fashion. Obviously, as Lucas Cestari has pointed out, Dennis did produce several sessions for Brian circa 1980-81 and made at least a token appearance in the studio for the KEEPIN' THE SUMMER ALIVE album.
From 1979 through 1981, Dennis traveled sporadically with Fleetwood Macs enormous entourage. Though Christine would have liked her lover constantly by her side, Dennis didn´t enjoy tagging along - he did, however, occasionally surprise her by showing up unannounced. While he proposed to her in front of the entire band during a Hawaii stop, the two never wed. Their relationship endured for a rocky two years.

"Full Sail" must have been inspired by the days he'd spent aboard The Harmony with his brother. Another classic Carl Wilson composition, "Angel Come Home," served as a great vehicle for Dennis's unique voice. The song reflected the regret Carl felt over the failure of bis marriage.

"Love Surrounds Me" features Christine McVie´s voice at the fade out.
Unable to resist the obvious temptation, Dennis made love to Stevie Nicks just when he was supposed to be settling down with Christine. He also returned to Karen on a fairly regular basis - he just couldn't seern to give her up.

One night, while Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were working at Village Recorders, Dennis, Christine, and Ed Roach stopped by. "We all started talking about Brian," remembers Roach. "Stevie and Lindsay were saying what big Beach Boys fans they were when they were teenagers." Then, in a casual a cappella style, Buckingham and Nicks started singing Brian's old song "The Farmer's Daughter" from Surfin´ USA. Dennis teased Christine, saying, "See, I told you we were good." At that point, Dennis and Ed left the studio to paint the town. In the early morning hours, they returned, worn out, to pick up Christine. "We knocked on the studio door and Christine unlocked it to let us in," recalls Roach. "She had tears rurming down her face and said, 'My God I was hoping it was you guys!"' When Dennis asked, "What's the matter? Are we late?" Christine just led them quietly back into the studio. She wanted them to hear what had made her so emotional. Lindsay, Stevie, and Christine, all fighting tears, played back the arrangement of "The Farmer's Daughter" they had been working on all night. "Dennis freaked out when he heard it, and he started crying, too," says Roach. A short time later, their beautiful rendition of Brian's classic song would reach a whole new audience as a cut on a Fleetwood Mac live album.
The battered heart of Christine McVie could finally take no more. In 1981, Christine realized that she had no more forgiveness left to dish out. Christine's final gesture to Dennis was a lovely song titled "Only Over You." In it, she reflects on the difficulty of loving a man with a habit of being gone; she admits to being aware that others think she's "crazy" and a "silly girl" for putting up with it all. But Christine had longed for a future with Dennis, and "Only Over You" is one last declaration of love. Released in 1982, after the couple had parted, the record bears a simple message on its sleeve: Special thanks for inspiration to Dennis Wilson." Over the years that followed, Christine stayed away from Dennis, and she would never comment publicly at any length about their time together.
What interests me here especially are the recordings that Dennis and Chris supposedly made together; material that I presume only a few have the access to. I was wondering if anyone had any other info on this work? And since Chris appears on the Beach Boys L.A. (Light Album) could it be that Dennis appears on Tusk? Somewhere in that wall of sound, of course, homogenized into total anonymity.

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