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Pop Matters, June 10, 2016 Band of Horses Review

By Pryor Stroud: Filled with dappled light, rustic-pop daydreaming, and winsome notebook-poetry like the best Band of Horses tracks, “Whatever, Wherever” is a stripped-down acoustic paean to the selflessness of love. Ben Bridwell’s voice, a cloying yet delicately measured breeze-substance, flits effortlessly and nonchalantly over the casual guitar strumming in the background. He seems to be staring off into space as he sings. A mirage of his lover slowly dissipates before him—she’s there long enough to spellbind his attention, but gone before he can get his fill. “Whatever you want / Wherever you are”, he sings in the chorus, declaring his total loyalty to this absent lover, but he might as well be singing the unimpeachable pop-adage from Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere”, another simple but melodically-potent composition: “I want to be with you everywhere”, the chorus resounds, and you can hear Christine McVie’s voice drawing from the exact same reservoir of breath and inexhaustible longing that “Whatever, Wherever” emerges from. [7/10]
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