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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
99% of people reading or seeing these interviews with Stevie have never heard any of those stories before. Some people who seem to have an encyclopedic knowledge of her and FM and remember every interview they've ever given represent the other 1%. I'm a fan who doesn't give a damn what her assistants name is, or who she lives with, or wonder why she said something in 2020 that contradicts something she said in 1980, or psychoanalyze whether she's truly happy being single. And I suspect most people are just like me in those respects.
You’re right, and she is very good about sprinkling in a bit or two of “new” information every time she needs to promote something new, that she talks about in every sinterview. I remember when she revealed that Joe Walsh was the love of her life and that was her talking point for a while. Or the year she said it was all a stage act between her and Lindsey. It’s all part of the fun, for me at least, to pick out the new talking points.
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