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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
sorry, I wasn't as clear as I meant to be re: the extensions. I was just saying I would have thought wearing extensions would make more sense than her growing out her own tatty looking hair. In other words, I agree she should USE extensions if she isn't already because the current look, if it's her natural hair, isn't cutting it anymore.[/Q] If it IS extensions, her hair stylist needs to be fired ASAP.

She makes it sound like LB NEVER attempted any outside jobs. He did. He talked back in the day about having worked a telemarketing job for a short time. It was basically a scam and he didn't do it very long, but then Miss Thang worked a *single day* as a dental assistant (which she always calls "dental hygienist") and complained she couldn't take all the bending forward.
The "cleaning lady" was a joke, per Keith Olsen. Let's be real, she has never been good at much other than singing so one could easily ask the question "What else COULD she do??" Doing something for 6 months doesn't mean you could have done it as a career.

Christine talked about the men in the band *occasionally* carrying her (Christine's) suitcase, and road crew talked about Chris setting up her own keyboards and gear. I would bet anything Stevie never carried a suitcase once upon joining FM. Christine finally caved and got a second adjoining hotel room for her clothes and getting ready for shows or whatever AFTER she rejoined the band a few years ago. Stevie's been demanding Presidential suites forever and had an entourage dialing the phone, filling her bath, ordering her dinner, and wiping her nose for decades. Hell, Chrissie Hynde described touring with her as like touring with Elizabeth Taylor, and found the gaps between shows with Stevie unacceptably long to where she booked smaller gigs for herself in between.

This woman whining that life is hard for her is beyond the pale.
She has had extensions at least since 1988. The hairdresser for the 1988 tour told me that her hair wouldn't grow beyond her jaw line. The rest of it was fake.


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