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Originally Posted by secret love View Post
Some of the people on here treat this Board as a fantasy world. A world where people care who smirked at who. A world where playing an instrument and writing songs makes you a god. A world where finally parting ways with someone you've had a strained relationship for decades and persisted with your work all the same... means you're a traitor.

I don't think I'll be posting very often now. Stevie vs Lindsey is a false narrative, at the very least it was Stevie and Mick vs Lindsey and Kirsten. Anyway... who cares? Be happy with what we've got, or be unhappy with it, up to you.
so....what do you propose is acceptable to talk about in a forum dedicated to a certain band and its members? Only particular aspects should be discussed? Every post should be about how wonderful they are? This is what they have done, people pop in to talk about it with other people who also follow the band. Playing a guitar doesn't make someone a god, twirling in capes and singing doesn't make someone a queen.

If there are threads that are critical, start a thread that isn't.
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