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Originally Posted by Sugar Mouse View Post
Really interesting article. In the article, Mike Campbell says that he is now a full member of Fleetwood Mac and not a hired player. From the tone of this article, I assume Neil has also become a full member. This all means that a future studio album with the new lineup is more likely.
Fleetwood’s offer to make Campbell a full member of the storied Southern California band — not a hired hand — was both exciting and daunting. “I thought I’d never play big gigs again,” Campbell says. “I thought I’d never be on the G4 [private jet] again, and I’d never again play the Forum. Then all of a sudden, I’m like, ‘What the ****? How did this happen?’ ”

Lindsey getting "fired" is how it happened. I guess the "FM Partnership", minus Lindsey, agreed to this. Because according to Lindsey's Complaint, these major decisions are done by unanimous vote, not by majority vote. So technically Lindsey is still in the band and he didn't vote them in assuredly. And really none of this is official yet, until the case is decided. ?????? Mike and Neil you're still hired hands.

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