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Default 2018 Movie Reviews

Iíve seen a bunch of new movies this year. I go to the theater as much as I can. Since the first half of the year is almost over, Ive decided to post my reviews. So far, there havenít been really any movies I feel are truely terrible. Itís been a pretty good year so far. My favorite movie is Avengers Infinity War. Saw it 3 times. Also think Incredibles 2 is great.

1. Avengers Infinity War, grade A+ = great movie
2. Incredibles 2, grade A = not as good as the first but still excellent
3. A Quiet Place, grade B+ = smart, innovative
4. Hereditary, grade B = could not predict this movie, appreciated the acting and atmosphere
5. Upgrade, grade A- = very good low budget sci-fi, think Terminator meets Venom
6. Adrift, grade C+ = more love story than action movie, well acted but kinda boring
7. Black Panther, grade B- good leading man, not enough action and weak superhero but I liked entourage
8. Ready Player One, grade B- = think back to the future in a cartoon, there was enough to like but not enough to love
9. Deadpool 2, grade B- = funny, liked new team especially Domino, but didnít love this
10. Solo: A Star Wars Story, grade C+ = this movie was just kinda there, two great action sequences and thatís that
11. The Florida Project, grade B = touching, sad
12. Rampage, grade C+ = fun, popcorn movie
13. Jurassic World, grade C+ = great special effects but turned into a weird haunted house movie
14. Thoroughbreds, grade C+ = well acted but a bit boring
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