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Originally Posted by elle View Post
but it makes sense. if i am not SN fan, why would i go into forum that discusses her solo career? or the other way around, people who obviously don't like LB or CM and are belittling them at every opportunity, without ever hearing any of their solo music, why would they go to their solo forums?

if someone is actually just SN fan, unless they are also a FM fan, they probably don't have much interest in what the whole band is doing, unless Stevie is doing something with the band.

just for the record, there were a few times i went to SN forum and posted something. if i get an info that i think would help fans there (like presale passwords), i have no reason not to share with fans who'd like to have that. but there were also times (usually the same day!) when i expressed my opinion about something or other there, and was rudely attacked and told to stay out of SN forum.
I wasn't talking about you in particular, just noticing a particular general tendency as more people happened to say something similar.
However if I am a fan of the band in its entirety I'd check once in a while all the forums (even if I wouldn't comment) of its members, especially as you say during the periods of activity together. I just couldn't really say that I love a band If I don't care about a part of its input.
I don't doubt someone said that to you, in truth since I write at least every once in a while in every sub-forum it happened to me at least once in each one of them. But I don't think we shouldn't tar everyone with the same brush.

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