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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I remember as a kid waiting in line for Fleetwood Mac tickets listening to "fans" say the most horrible things about the rest of the band. "No one comes to see Christine.....Stevie is so beautiful, Chris is so ugly." "I wish Lindsey did not sing so we can hear more Stevie songs." This all coming from people who would camp out to be first in line to get tickets to a Mac show.
sounds like FM fans were always divided. and that sentence about judging Stevie's vs Christine's looks? wow.
Originally Posted by 24karatstevie View Post
Just because Stevie is my favourite member doesn't mean I don't love the other 4. I'm actually really proud of Stevie for going out and doing what makes her happy with this solo tour. While I would love a new album with all 5, I understand Stevie's reluctance. However, if the other 4 want to go ahead and release an album that's fine with me; I would love to hear new music. And while I personally wouldn't attend a show without Stevie there, I have no problem with a small 4 piece tour for those who would like to see it.
i can understand this, i think. i was trying to dissect which members of the band i would go see solo or in different combinations, and who i would not. unlike many people here who are primarily FM fans, i am primarily LB fan. FM without Lindsey is not interesting to me (well, Peter Green's original version would be, but that version will never tour again). i would not go see Fleetwood Mac if Lindsey was not there. so i can understand when SN fans say they will not go see FM without Stevie.

i would go see Mick solo / with his blues band. i would love to see him with Steven Tyler at the roof of his restaurant in Maui! i would be really curious to see Christine solo. i have no interest in seeing Stevie solo, and even though i'd love to see the Pretenders, i skipped their show with Stevie in my area and will wait for Chrissie or the Pretenders to come around on their own, hopefully in smaller venues.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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