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Originally Posted by lbfan View Post
While there is a precedence for LB material to get rolled into an FM album (Tango, Say You Will), I donít see that happening this time. LB has stated that he needs to complete one song to complete the album (which he is hopefully completing now). The deal with Warners for Buckingham McVie likely included a deal to release his (Lindsyís) next solo CD, along with an LB Greatest Hits collection. If they could not convince Stevie to get on board for an FM album with the great songs produced for Buckingham McVie, it is highly unlikely they will ever do so now or in the future. I personally believe that ship has sailed. Any new music we see from here on out will be solo projects by the three songwriters or, perhaps, a Buckingham McVie II.
Yes to all of the above. I really hope that's the deal re the record co and that it really happens. I think the band members and lb are aware that wasting so much time waiting on the whole FM to get on the same page re album is not an option anymore.

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