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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
I actually heard the 5 Bob Welch era albums first and I was digging Bob's and Danny's songs (and Christine's too of course) before I had ever heard of Lindsey and Stevie. A college roommate had those 5 albums and I was getting to know them when this roommate went to the record store to buy the new White Album. This all happened in the span of a few weeks in fall of 1975 (my senior year at college).

So, although I had heard the Bob Welch records first, I never saw that configuration of the band. I had probably only listened to the White Album a half dozen times before seeing them in concert for the first time in October of 1975. My friends and I thought Lindsey was the girl and Stevie the guy before we walked into the concert!
Wow, that puts you in a really unique (ish) position. When you become a fan of FM must have some impact on how you perceive the band as a whole and how you appreciate the music of the different eras. To have started off with 71-74 must make you feel as if that is the band.
Did you have an awareness of the pre-Bob band at the time?
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