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I did a bit of research on the net last night, and I think it must have been the 4th Dec 1970 , as I found an advert for what I think must be it, in Imperial Colleges own student mag. The ad says it was from 9 to 6am (therefore all night ) and supporting were Jeremy Taylor (remember nothing of him )and Sam Apple Pie, who were perhaps the band I referred to in my initial report There was aĒ discoĒ and they were screening The Plank (which ties in with what I remember) and Candy which is a long feature film .I donít remember seeing the latter , but perhaps I I did see it around that time in a cinema type environment But I doubt we stayed all night .Tickets were 30/- !!!
Which is equivalent to £1.50 (one hundred and fifty pence ) if Iím not mistaken !!!!!) Even taking 44 years of inflation into account thatís got to be value for money ?

I was a bit more formal than the other gigs Iíd seen before Peter left ,given that everyone was seated .There was certainly no booing or hostility. I think the audience was on their side, hoping it would be good, which it was -it just wasnít transcendent as it was with the last few performances I had seen which included Peter . It wasnít a low key gig, it was advertised in student magazines etc but I must have seen an ad in the Melody Maker or similar ,as I was no longer at college, having quit after a few weeks I donít think Christine did Iíd Rather Go Blind -I surely would have remembered if she had done it I don't recall her doing lead vocals ..and Iím not even sure Danny did anything like Coming your Way which he was entitled to do nor do I donít think they did any of Peterís compositions
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