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Originally Posted by Black_Moon View Post
I do have an analytical mind, sometimes works to my advantage, sometimes makes me paranoid. I'm exactly the same, I prefer working to my own time limits. Plus, I'm godawful at allocating enough time to get things done. I know, "practise makes perfect" and that, but still. I can never be arsed to practise!

And this is why I love you.

I can drive myself crazy over-analyzing things people have said and/or their body language and somehow I always manage to come to the conclusion that what they were implying was something negative about me. I really need to learn how to switch it off and only use it for practical things.

I always intend to do some revision or practice exam technique, then I remember how messy my room is/suddenly have the urge to watch Murder She Wrote/need to go to Tesco for milk etc...
"I did shoot all the guns I shot sober. That's true. Unless it's not, 'cause I can't remember."
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