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MacMan, that was SO kind of you! I don't even live in an area where hearing it on the radio was possible, and quite frankly I would have forgotten to even check back at the site.

I thought it was the best "Rockline" he did. I was really surprised because there were a lot of interesting and varied questions- and the songs that I heard sound remarkable. It just makes me so happy because these songs sound like how I prefer Lindsey sounding. That sounds weird, but I really feel Did You Miss Me has a lot of Out of the Cradle/"Trouble" going on with it, and I LOVE that poppy, perfectly-produced side to LB. OotC is my favorite album ever, and I never thought it would be at first listening, but it just got better and better and I got hooked on all the melodies, his guitar, the cleanness, and the beauty of it all. Just brings me to tears, and I hear SO MUCH of that in some of these new songs...I'm very excited about this album and seeing him live. Wow.

I guess I'll mention the other reason I enjoyed this interview. Though there were a few, I think Lindsey didn't dip too heavily into his "stock answers" and over-cliche metaphors. I love him to death, but I can't lie he BORES ME to no end with some of his interviews, constantly repeating the same answers, sometimes verbatim. Yes I've hit the forward button. Many times. So glad the man was ON for this!!!

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