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Default Re: Re: another one!

Originally posted by CarneVaca
I couldn't disagree more. If you had told DaVinci, Picasso or Hemingway to compromise, they would have sneered. And rightly. Somebody has to be the creative force and have the vision. If the work has to have artistic integrity, there is very little room for compromise.

Compromise is overrated.
But SN should only compromise to LB (I am just joking )

But seriously, I thought this doc showed that they (all of FM) work well together. I mean FM is big time rock and roll that costs alot of money to produce and they apparently love to produce themselves in this costly way. So, if they want to record and live that way, they have to sell their product. Having to sell means making commerical music, which some view as selling out, etc. I do not view it that way. I think it is possible to do both. I think LB and SN in this instance did just that. IMO they balance each other out in a very good and appealing way.

Also, I think the statistics indicate that the under 30 year old buyers comprise the vast majority of the music buying public. Thus, the success of the rap stars (scarily in some instances) and the Brittany Spears of the world. So, I think SN was right on point that if they want to sell five million or more records they have to appeal somewhat to this demographic. The Dance certainly did.

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