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Wink Dude. Sky.

Lay off, just when I was about to come in here and gloat about how I have a new appreciation for the man you go and diss my girl Least he can do when going home to them all night to show he ain't frail is to eat...*Smirk* And 'trouble' isn't in any one specific place, if the man didn't love the process so much he wouldn't be there
Politics are just that, politics and are you forgetting that in the end it was HIS decision to pull it because he WAS thinking about his family *cough* Food for thought sweets, No pun intended
On a final note I echo what Johnny Stew said. Compromise, as opposed to have 'Stevie run the show' or, what you might often dream about in your bed late at night, 'LINDSEY run the show''s about the compromise that lies between.
"I hate being the good one"~Buffy in 'Helpless'

"Bondage looks good on ya B, the outfits all wrong, but hey"~Faith in 'Enemies'

"Hello, GAY now"~ Willow in 'Triangle'

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