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Originally Posted by KenshiMaster16 View Post
My two cents;

I think Chris was fine with Linds until the suit. She may have taken that a little personally even though she shouldn't have. I think she took it more as a slam at all of them rather than Linds just getting his due. Either way, I don't think she is one to hold a grudge anyway, look at all the crap the band has been through and she stuck in through the majority of the way regardless."
This makes no sense whatsoever. I know it’s your 2 cents, but considering she sent Lindsey extremely nice email AFTER lawsuit was settled, it’s pretty obvious she had no problem with his lawsuit. And she has been pretty clear and consistent that she has nothing to do with his firing, that she was shocked when she heard of it, that she had great time with him for BuckVie, and that she accepted Lb is out only after Mick mansplained to her the situation the band is in. She should t have accepted Mucks mansplaining and possibly could have put a stop on the whole charade, but apparently she didn’t have a spine for it, and still doesn’t. At least she stopped giving the interviews trotting the company line.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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