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Originally Posted by elle View Post
it's really the weirdest reasoning.

if they were so fragile that having all 5 together will "destroy" them, then something was very wrong in the first place.
Well, the relationship was always wrong. But the reason that having Christine back could interfere with it is that you always have a third person to turn to. Lindsay has said that Christine contributed to his break up with Stevie in the seventies. He said that they were shaky to begin with and maybe they would’ve made it, maybe they would not have, but having Christine, who was also divorcing, talking to Stevie sealed the break up.

This time, just having Christine back allowed both Lindsey and Stevie to turn away from each other. In the past, since SYW, they were stuck, forced to fight and compromise. Christine removed the forced compromise factor. I realized that she would from the beginning, but I thought that it would work in my favor, not against me. I thought that with Christine back we would get a new FM album, for example, because I thought it would make it 2 against 1. Michele
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