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Originally Posted by elle View Post
are you?
Thatís rich coming from someone who moderates at least one Facebook group and hunts down the social media of anyone remotely connected to the band.

Thereís only one band Iíve ever worked for.

talking about "little people" on FM payroll that you are so worried about, there are plenty of stories how much Lindsey was protecting people from Stevie / Karen random rage decisions. gotta wonder what's been happening now when that protection is gone.
I donít care about how bitchy Stevie or Karen are, or any intervention that Jesus Buckingham might have made. The payroll for a Fleetwood Mac is significantly higher, which means more people get work, when Stevie is in the band.

remember Jana's post about it, relatively recently?
No, because I donít have the time, energy, or desire to follow someone whoís been out of the loop for a decade and a half.
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