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Originally Posted by gldstwmn View Post
Hard as a rock
Dry as a bone
Big dog little dog
I will take you home

Yeah that's G rated.
I fear that those are not the lyrics.

Hard as a rock,dry as a bone...
Big or little, know that I will take you home.

This is what Lindsey said the song is about:
You know I think all of us have some inner demons that we struggle with. We all have them, and there's been times when we let them get the best of us probably as well. I think its just important to remember that no one falls into a simple set of labels, and its even more important, I think, to learn from your mistakes and to fight for the positive choice. That's what this song is about."
And this is how a team of Ledge contributors interpreted that stanza back in the day:
This demon can be his negative feelings or his past use of drugs...but whatever it is, it is very overwhelming and he knows that no matter if it's big or little, he will take it inside of himself.
Beware of the subtitles on The Dance DVD--they're often hilariously wrong and make little sense (like "big dog little dog").
There's one during Stevie's furious climax to "Silver Springs" that says "Words are fool" or something instead of "Was I such a fool."
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