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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Thanks for posting this, Sugar Mouse. Are you very familiar with Neil's live shows? The reason I ask is, I'm curious if he always stays to the left on the stage like he does in this video. Because in FM, Christine is always on the left, Stevie in the middle, and Lindsey on the right. Even when Rick and Billy were in FM, that was the same order. I figure Neil will play in Lindsey's usual position, but Mike will probably wander the stage a lot, interacting with Stevie, Neil, and John.
I've seen Neil perform many times and he doesn't seem to have a preferred side. I've seen him on the left and I've seen him on the right. He usually rotates between piano and guitar during shows, but I assume he'll mostly be on rhythm guitar in Fleetwood Mac. He also likes to wander around during shows. He really loves collaborating and allowing musical magic to happen in spontaneous moments. Those with interest in learning about Neil's performing and songwriting may want to check out the lecture he gave at Yale back in September of 2012. It was about creativity in music and I believe it's still online.
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