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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
That is what the article says. They are calling the album “Buckingham McVie.” It says nothing about what they are calling the band. It seems at least possible that they will use the "Fleetwood Mac" name. The article doesn't say for sure they are not going to use it.

I also read that sentence as making it sound that the name is a working title. It's possible that the actual name will be different once the recording, mixing, and packaging are complete.

Anyway, WHO CARES???? I simply couldn't be more excited. The two songwriters in the band who still want to create new music are doing just that. Lindsey and Christine have always had a wonderful musical chemistry. Hooray!

'The album coming out of these sessions, however won't bear the Fleetwood Mac imprimatur'

I take that as meaning it won't be the Fleetwood Mac 'brand'

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