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Originally Posted by CADreaming View Post
^Unless someone who is really comfortable financially buys it and can fork over the $235/month to keep it up, then it makes sense to support the site now and help out either the current owner or the future owner.

It would really suck to lose the site-the board too, but we can always discuss in other forums. It would take eons to rebuild the info that is in the site....
Say we have over 3,000 registered? If 1,500 of those people all came together at once and put up their 12 bucks, maybe that would make a dent in keeping up the site for a while and in a perfect simple world, everyone would easily do that but do you really see it happening? And this is what scares me if just 25 of us paid our 12 dollars. Because with the monthly running costs, seems like it's going to take more than that to keep this site up and running, nothing against the owners, just talking business and keeping real. No one's really saying just what's going on or might just happen. If it were mine or anyone elses site to run, what's so wrong about just coming forward and laying the facts out about raising more funds to keep this great site open for everyone. Because I think anyone else if they were in charge would have no problem making an official announcement on here if they wanted the site saved.
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