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Default In case you want to know the answer to: "WHAT IS A SUPPORTING LEDGIE?"

This information is actually included under the FAQ section at the top of the board (frequently asked questions):

A "Supporting Ledgie" is someone who, through a nominal contribution, helps us to meet the expenses of The Penguin and the Ledge. All contributions are either used for enhanced functionality or to offset running expenses. We pay a monthly fee for a dedicated server providing ample bandwidth, speed, and space to reliably run the Ledge and the rest of the Penguin. In addition to helping to support the site, "Supporting Ledgies" receive the following additional benefits: no banner advertising as they browse, the ability to turn off the Ebay auction listings, up to 150 private message storage capacity, a green username on the Who's Online List, their name listed on the 'View Forum Leaders' page, contribution status indicated under your username, a maximum Avatar Size of 75x75 (instead of 50x50), and the ability to be invisible on the Who's Online list.

Contributions can be conveniently and securely be made via Paypal in the Paid Subscription section of your User CP. Subscriptions can be purchased for either $6 for 6 months or $12 for 12 months. That only a dollar per month -- less than a cup of Starbucks coffee!

If you think about it, some folks here use The Ledge as their personal guidance counselor, sounding board, venting house, confessional, advice column, a place to find out where and when to purchase tickets, sell stuff on eBay, promote their school work, etc-- it seems the people that post the most could certainly come up with a buck a month for having a place to talk to others. Everyone wastes a dollar a month somewhere, even college kids--why not help with the upkeep and do something positive for everyone?
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