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Originally Posted by louielouie2000 View Post
I've dropped posts encouraging people to become supporting members the past year or so. I remember you in particular responding to those posts in the past. You aren't interested in becoming a supporting member, and that's just fine.

If every single person who has read the announcement about the Ledge sale (which is posted at the top of every forum) became supporting members, this site would not just support itself, it would earn money. This revenue could be reinvested into not just the Ledge, but the rest of There is so much more could offer.
I don't recall those conversations and to the best of my knowledge, I have always kept my opinions about joining/attempting to become more involved here, to myself up until now. It wasn't ever about the 12 dollars and still isn't. I never said I wouldn't contribute but that should be on everyone's own terms and not ridiculed or forced. At this point it seems they want out from under it and it might not sell and maybe just maybe, go offline soon no matter what.
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