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I am probably the only one in the world who thinks the Rumours sequencing isn't so great. I realize it was sequenced as an LP with 2 sides, and that's why it doesn't transfer to the digital age so well. That being said, Songbird being in the middle of the album (but on the end of an LP side) just crashes the momentum and puts me to sleep. It should have been the song to close out Rumours.

I adore the quirky tracking order of Tusk, but the stark transition from Sara to What Makes You Think You're The One just kills it for me. It's too violent, and crashes the dreamy revery Sara puts you into.

The White Album ('75) is perfectly sequenced. But the whole package is almost too perfect to the point of being middle of the road & dull. There's no grit.

Lindsey's material on Mirage is too subpar to make the cut.

Say You Will has a glut of material for it to win.

My ideal tracking order for the Rumours era goes to Tango. The flow is great, the energy is kept up, rockers are paired with the more contemplative songs flawlessly, and the album begins & ends perfectly. There is a continuity between the 3 songwriters that isn't really present on any of the other Rumours albums, yet each artist shines individually. When I go on road trips with friends, Tango is usually the only Mac album I bring along for the drive, and that's because it's sequenced so well.

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