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So...Academy Awards? Unfortunately I've seen very few of the major contenders this year so its difficult for me to pass comment. I've heard Christian Bale is quite good in the Dick Cheney film and Olivia Coleman is good in The Favourite. Might they be strong contenders? I wouldn't rule out A Star Is Born picking up a small handful but I'm not sure it will sweep all the major categories.

I predicted a nomination for Rami Malek. I think the Oscars will be very different to the Globes but he must have a decent chance. Whatever people think about Bohemian Rhapsody I thought he did a great acting job in that role.

On another point- I thought they were going to introduce a new 'Popular movie' category. I've just read that's not going to happen. When did that idea get shelved? That must have passed me by.

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