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Originally Posted by MissLadyLoki View Post
Funny thing, I listen to CT radio myself (as you probably know, Long Island is about 20 miles away, across the Sound) and I can easily pick stations up. The rock stations there and 103.9 WRCN (a hard-to-pick-up Long Island rock station that I figured out the problem was rooted in te fact that it's boradcasted for further out east than me) like to play the Mac a lot, and they always seem to be played when i'm thinking about how a guy wronged me in some way.

One day recently, as I was driving around, listening to 99.1 WPLR (that's a very good New Haven rock station) thinking about how at this time last year, my now-former BF would have come over and zonked out watching TV on my couch, The Chain came on. Strange coincidence, huh?
A fellow Stonybrooker !! I went there from '68 - '72, things must be quite different now. Back in the day one of the major concert venues on the east coast was the Fillmore East, everyone who was anyone played there. At that time the Brook (as it was called) had a very well deserved reputation as a drug haven, and guess what ? Almost every artist who played at the Fillmore wound up playing Stony Brook during the week. I think the entire student activity fund was used to hire these acts, you could catch The Doors or The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane,The Who playing IN THE GYM or outside on the lawn !! Tickets were maybe $ 3.00 , it was incredible !

Having graduated in '72 I kinda lost track of goings on at Stony Brook does anyone know if FM or Stevie ever played there ?
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