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Originally Posted by jmn3 View Post
Just my gut, but my guess is she knew there was zero chance Mick would side with Lindsey in the me or him ultimatum. She knows Mick as good as anyone and knows that Fleetwood Mac with her would net Mickey a lot more money than it would without her. So, while yes, in theory, she was willing to give up the Mac tour money, I highly doubt she ever thought Mick would actually tell her to take a hike. Firing Lindsey gave her the drama she always looks for in a Fleetwood Mac episode. And all the "new" band crap and Lindsey drama made the tour likely to bring in as much guaranteed money for Mick and Stevie as they would've gotten with another Rumours 5 tour.

However, the shortsightedness of them remains that if Buckingham McVie was a proper Fleetwood Mac album, including 3-4 Stevie songs, with a tour to follow with the 5 of them, they would have all made more money than they did otherwise. And, they would actually be demonstrating that they are a functioning and active band with some ability to remain somewhat creative in their old age, as opposed to playing 19 song setlist that include Tom Petty and Crowded House songs.
I agree with all of this 1000%. You are right on the $$$$$$.
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