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Originally Posted by Storms123 View Post
Mick's tone, innuendo and actual statements lately make me think they (the 4 stooges) didn't actually think Lindsey's departure would resonate as much, as far, and as long as it has. So now, he's being snarky. He got caught in a big lie, this tour is not doing as well as a final tour with the Rumours 5 would have (I am assuming they are done after this) 5 dates in Europe and a 2 of 5 star review!! OUCH. Neil Finn saved FM? Please, he can't even carry the guitar parts on his own. The press around this tour really has been abysmal. Lindsey is the focus of huge chunks of these interviews (another reason they are probably getting snarky) It's not about the music anymore. Oh---and Stevie is doing ZERO press.
Or is his snark just for the hardcore fans? He's quite happy to play for the dilettantes who just show up for the hits and couldn't name anyone in the band except maybe Stevie. As long as the checks clear. I think he could care less about some newspaper review as long as they are selling tickets. I think that's true of the rest as well.
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