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The thing is: These latest articles insinuate that FM would have been over if not for Neil saving them.

I really wish they would have considered just touring as the 4 piece. It would have been so much more amazing for the legacy if they had done that.

Stevie, go tour with the Pretenders so you can still draw and be famous with no soul.

And FM will continue as a solid 4 piece and do a final album and tour. Boom. We get smaller arenas and more acoustic treats. I'll never forget that BuckVie tour. It was out of this world to see them in that capacity.

Oh Well (as they say). They went for the fame, money, and lifestyle. That was predictable. But please don't misunderstand or confuse it with, "Neil saved FMac." He did nothing of the sort. In actual fact, he ruined it.
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